Asia and Middle East Studies亚洲与中东研究

专业名称:Asia and Middle East Studies亚洲与中东研究
颁发学位:硕士文凭 / 中国教育部认可
学时学分:2年/120 ECTS
语言要求:雅思6.5/托福iBT 90分


•Chinese Society and Politics中国社会与政治
•East Asian Culture and History东亚文化与历史
•Middle East Studies中东研究
•Modern Japan当代日本


•Chinese Society and Politics中国社会与政治
Approaches to the Study of Chinese Society and Politics. Theories and Methodologies中国社会与政治研究导论,理论与方法论
Topics in Chinese Society and Politics 1中国社会与政治研究课题1
Topics in Chinese Society and Politics 2中国社会与政治研究课题2
East Asia: Great Traditions东亚:坚不可摧的传统
Topics in East Asian Societies and Politics东亚社会与政治研究课题
Topics in Chinese Culture and History中国文化与历史研究课题
Topics in Chinese Ideas and Ideologies中国观念与理念研究课题


This master’s degree programme offers a combination of higher degree studies in the languages, cultures, societies and histories of Asia and Africa.
The programme allows you to continue your studies of the area and language you chose for your bachelor’s degree specialisation. UiO is the only university in Norway that offers this higher degree combination of Asian and African language and area studies. Most of the programme options build upon the languages skills acquired at the bachelor level. The sources you use for your thesis work should be in their original language.
Each programme option has compulsory courses which provide you with the theoretical and methodological basis for writing your master’s thesis. You may also acquire courses from other units at UiO or from other institutions, domestic or foreign. The courses must be relevant to the programme and should be selected in agreement with a subject teacher. Each student is free to choose the topic of his or her master’s thesis, but a teacher/tutor’s approval must be granted.


The main work tasks related to jobs for graduates with a master’s degree in Asia and Middle East Studies are:
•Administrative procedure行政管理
•Counseling and guidance咨询与引导
•Teaching, training and education教学,培训与教育
•Customer service, first-line and support客户服务,客户支持
•Project management and Project work项目管理与项目执行
•International relations – diplomacy, Development aid work and NGO field work国际关系
The main business sectors are:
•Public services and public administration公共服务与公共管理
•Education and School system教育与学校系统
•Media, communication, publishing and PR媒体,传播,公关
•The armed forces军队
•Special interest Groups and NGOs特殊团体与NGO组织